What is the Hardest Smell to Get Out of Carpets in Calabasas, CA? Moisture, Pet Odor or Other?

Odors are not always noticeable. Sometimes it takes homeowners to leave their abode for a few hours and when they get back, the smell becomes dominant. As we get use to the smells as they evolve, the smell initially is not detected. When the smell is obvious, even after being exposed to it for a time, you know you need to do something about it. Odors require specific strategies depending on the source. Today, we at Hidden Hills Carpet Cleaning would like to identify the common culprits of odors on your Southern California carpets.

Moisture Carpet Odor

Musty odors is typically caused by moisture exposure. Without realizing, the moisture can seep into the carpet, underneath the carpet, and linger in carpet padding. Spills or potted plants that drip onto the carpeting can cause this to occur or even the excessive humidity in the air. Flooding or rain exposure can also be the culprit. When these incidences are not addressed efficiently, water damage can commence as well as mildew and mold growth in the carpet padding or even the subfloor. Mold and mildew not only emit or horrible odor, but it will expedite the deterioration of the materials it is growing on, as well as create a health risk.

Pet Odors in Carpet

Pet accidents can really linger when it happens on carpet. With the extreme accidents, even a professional cleaning can’t diminish odors. The gasses in the bacteria digest in urine or vomit, if the urine or vomit is left untreated, the odors remain. Pet odor can be eliminated with protein fighting enzyme cleaners. If the issue is great, a professional can be better equipped to deal with the pet odor prior to the service.

Cigarette Smoke Smell in Carpet

Smokers conducting their habits inside will cause the filter to collect the cigarette odors. Any visitors or potential buyers are immediately taken back by the smell, even if they are smokers themselves. There are some DIY remedies, but to effectively remove the smell, a professional cleaning would do the maximum removal, but in some severe cases, the carpets may need to be replaced. Many deodorizes only mask the smell, so be sure to use a product that is designed to neutralize the odors.

Old Carpet Age

Carpet fibers break down over time. When the decay occurs, the break down can make the carpets smell particularly odd. Unfortunately, if it is just age, there is little you can do about the smell, and it will be better off replaced.

Food & Drink Spills

Spilling food and drink is one of the most common causes to carpet odors. Being of organic origins, bacteria is attracted to these messes and as the bacteria breaks down, gasses emit and are smelly. Professional carpet cleaning can remove these odors more efficiently than any other solution.

Carpet Cleaning & More in Calabasas, California

When you have tough odors resonating from your carpets, call in the experts of Hidden Hills Carpet Cleaning. Our team of specialists can get the odors in the carpets of your home or business neutralized quickly and in a timely manner.

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