Persian, Oriental & Antique Area Rug Cleaning

Hidden Hills Carpet Cleaning supplies an assortment of services to commercial business owners and residential homeowners throughout the Greater Calabasas, California. We are fully licensed and insured to offer professional trade services at affordable rates. At Hidden Hills Carpet Cleaning we pride ourselves on giving our customers a phenomenal experience. In so doing you can count on superior workmanship, high moral standards and work ethics as well as friendly customer service. Our technicians are masterfully trained, experienced, and have remarkable skills that are amplified with the use of high-end products and equipment exclusive to licensed professionals that ensures maximum results.

Professional Area Rug Cleaners

Hidden Hills Carpet Cleaning offers area rug cleaning services to commercial businesses and residential homes throughout Calabasas, California. Just as carpets collect debris, dust, allergens, and other contaminates, along with odors and stains, area rugs are just as susceptible. And just as carpets need annual professional cleaning, so do your area rugs. If your area rugs are looking dingy, dull, and blemished with stains and emitting odors, it’s past due for a professional cleaning. Hidden Hills Carpet Cleaning experts know area rugs and the various materials used to construct them and the most optimal methods to clean your area rugs. With Hidden Hills Carpet Cleaning your area rugs will meticulously cleaned, sanitized and deodorized. No matter whether you have a modern synthetic or wool rug, a natural jute, sisal or seagrass rug, or a treasured antique silk or cotton Persian or Oriental rug passed down through generations; we will care for your rug as if it were our own!

Persian, Oriental & Antique Area Rug Cleaning

If the area rugs in your home or business across Calabasas, California and surrounding areas are in need of a comprehensive area rug cleaning, contact Hidden Hills Carpet Cleaning today and let our experts exceed your expectations!

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