Carpet Cleaning Service in Calabasas, CA

If you want to hire an expert carpet cleaning company that has experienced and educated staff, Hidden Hills Carpet Cleaning is the company for you. We offer full service carpet cleaning as well as other specialty cleaning and restoration services to fit all your needs. Carpet cleaning is a service that should be left to professionals. Our staff at Hidden Hills Carpet Cleaning is fully trained and has the tools necessary to have your carpets cleaned appropriately. Customer satisfaction is key to our success as well as the added benefits when you choose to have your carpets cleaned by our technicians.

Carpet Stain Removal

One of the major benefits to having your carpets cleaned professionally is the stain removal. Stains on your carpet can leave them looking dirty and feeling dirty as well. If you want to have your carpeted rooms looking their best you need to have any stains removed. Although you can do some work to remove them yourself the high power carpet cleaners and treatments that we offer will remove the stains that are new, old and deep set. Many stains are hard to remove such as red juice, coffee and sticky candy. These can all be treated and removed so that your home looks better and cleaner.

Carpet Pet Stain & Odor Removal

Another added benefit for homeowners with pets is our pet stain and odor removal. Even if you have a great pet that is well trained they are going to have an accident here and there. The problem is that most pet stains are very acidic and can hide deep in the carpet fibers and padding causing not only an unsightly stain but odor that will continue to permeate the air if left untreated. Our expert staff has the ability to treat deep set in pet stains and remove the odor that usually comes along with it. When you try and treat the pet stain yourself you may get the stain out but you need the deep cleaning of a high power carpet cleaner to get the odor that is set in the padding.

Carpet Cleaning Improves Air Quality

If you start to notice that the people in your home are sneezing and sniffling more than usual you may have bad air quality in your home. One of the largest causes of poor air quality is from dirty carpets. The carpets are playing host to dust, dirt, dust mites, carpet beetles and skin cells that can act as an irritant to most people especially those that have allergies or asthma. These allergens can be removed when you have your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Calabasas, California

When you allow your carpets to go too long without having them cleaned professionally the fibers can be damaged. This will cause the nice soft, plush feeling of the carpet to go away. The dirt compacts in the fibers causing them to collapse and making the carpets not feel soft. The joy of carpet is the comfort that is brings to a room so when they start to become damaged you may stop enjoying them all together. Hidden Hills Carpet Cleaning offers full service carpet cleaning to leave your carpets clean and fresh! Contact us today to make an appointment.

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